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from a groomer who has been in many environments. :)


     Not all dog’s are a fit here. They are not always “bad” or  “wrong”,  just not a fit. And as someone who has opened/groomed/managed three different store front salons, has co-owned a mobile grooming company, groomed at a kennel/breeder facility, groomed clients out of my own personal home, groomed at a combination outdoor day care/grooming facility, and groomed at a veterinarian clinic-(phew!)  I have seen and covered just about every environment within the grooming industry. Suffice to say, some dogs will be a more suitable fit for the environment in which the pet’s natural characteristics exhibit, such as energy levels, for one example. This takes a keen eye in behavioral awareness within the dog, which after 22+ years, I can say is part inherent and part ingrained in me, though, I am always learning and adapting, which I appreciate.

      Whether your pet is a fit or not, I encourage all clients to read below. For two reasons. One, you will be aware of what behaviors I do not entertain here, thus, those a fit will not endure such while at my salon. Two, upon our initial consult, you will be given the best recommendation for your pet's grooming should your pet not be a fit. 


I am a pet stylist. The environment I have here is like a home to me. My heart is here, with animals (and children) and the sheer joy I receive from being artistic with fur on living, breathing unique part's of creation. 

This information is placed here as an act of grace; consider a pet that barks all day or poops on your floor in your home, would you enjoy this, daily?

     The 'behavior' training guidance I offer can all be found here; ultimately it is up to you to implement and take the actions per your own individual needs pertaining your pet and seek the adequate fit for you pet. Even if that means researching for yourself, which I encourage, greatly. 

Environmental Settings

Finding the right fit for your dog needn't be an endless search of a rare commodity. Below are a few most popular environments in which you can take into consideration when searching for a pet stylist. Please take into consideration what your groomers have shared with you in the past regarding your pet, as well as us here, should your pet not be a fit after our initial consult grooming. These below are all environments in which I have worked with dogs and are only a recommendation per facility/environment. Any facility you call should be asked questions pertaining their own operating procedures and your pet's needs as every environment is different. 

Crate-Free Salon

Offered among many pet salons. Offers a place for pets to frolick. How I operate my salon is different from others I have experienced. I am not interested in quantity of pets or focused on socialization needs, but of a dog, more so, the quality of enjoyment and atmosphere because the dogs that are a fit, are 'socialized'. The dogs here at my salon are a 'pack' and it's a beautiful one. (If you are interested in socialization directly, I encourage the search to find a dog trainer or visit a facility that specializes in such for added enjoyment among your pet.)


Mobile is a great option for nervous pets, non-potty trained pets, some senior pets, or your mere preference in having a grooming done in an hour or so. The mobile comes to your home and does all grooming right there and then with your pet. This leaves little time for potty accidents and can be great for pet's who aren't always the best socialized. I have worked mobile and this was considered a convenient service for many. If you desire your pet to still receive socialization, consider a dog park or a doggy daycare facility that specializes in such. 


Some veterinarian clinics have a grooming addition within their facility. Probably one of my most favorite environments I had the pleasure of working in. I find this a great fit for senior pets, aggressive pets or anxious pets. Clinic grooming, pet's are generally caged for the duration of their grooming, however, should something of health concern occur, or your aggressive dog needs medication to be handled/groomed and/or any other health needs, your pet is at a facility in which can provide you with such. Please check with your vet prior to scheduling and ask questions! 

Outdoor Daycare

Some outdoor/kennel facilities offer grooming. This is a great way to incorporate grooming within the daycare practice. Dogs who have high energy levels, enjoy romp play, socialization, and barking can be a great fit for such environment! 

Cute Puppy

Puppies under one year of age

Puppies require necessary vaccines at age brackets, are not generally potty trained, and require training upon the needs of handling, noises and grooming touches and sounds. There are many grooming facilities in the area that can provide you with a puppy groom. My focus is on pet's who have grown through such stages. I have worked with many puppies from the start of life up to the middle. Your pet should adjust if you have taken the necessary steps of grooming early. For more information on puppies; you may click here. There is a wealth of information pertaining, because I care. 

Anxious/Nervous Dogs (Deemed on a dog's individual basis)

Visiting a new place, yes, can bring some uncertainty for you and your pet. I understand. Rest assured, I prefer to have pet's (and humans) who enjoy coming for a visit. Grooming is a bond! This is direct love, care and attention for your pet! If you feel nervous leaving your pet with me, if you feel your pet is nervous staying with me, please seek elsewhere. My clients love me and my home, here. And I love them- just as much! I connect with animals here. This is who I am. Dogs who are terrified of a groomer, leaving their own home or have had 'experiences' in the past are not interested in our connection, they are fearful and such concerns should be addressed with a trainer. Please seek an animal behaviorist or a facility that may accommodate you in such way. Again, grooming is a bond- it's intended for enjoyment! This is why I do what I do-to love those that love me and to enjoy!

Sleeping Dogs

Unaltered Male and Female Dogs

For the care and cleanliness of my home here, all dogs who visit must be spayed or neutered. This is in conjunction to puppy's who must be over a year of age here. 


*Unaltered male dogs: Whether they urinate in your home or not, a un-altered male dog is generally a marking dog, especially if it is a place where other dogs have been. It's generally a dominance and hormonal response and is not tolerated here at my home or among other guests here. Marking dogs will sniff and mark on just about anything resulting in my time spent on redirecting the behavior and cleaning in care of other guests. I will not spend my time this way. 

For more information on cleanliness of my home; click here

Dogs who are neutered and mark as an unaltered male dog here will be asked to find a different facility. Often, it's a result of a behavioral concern, not hormonal. Training required. 


*Unaltered female dogs: The female dogs who have hormonal cycles can create an unnecessary and overwhelming amount of attention from other dogs as well as leak fluid. For the safety of your dog and others, female dogs must be spayed.