Fit/ Not a fit

Thank you for your consideration in my home away from home, for the styling and comfort of your pet! After years of pet styling, I wish to educate and inform you of who I am and how I operate my facility. The salon is a place in which I have taken years of pet styling experience to cultivate a wonderful, safe and inviting space for your pet's overall well being and enjoyment. 

The efforts here in providing information to you is for educating pet owners of the vast spectrum of differences and yet, commonalities among dogs. Here, in short note, I hope to explain and accompany key components of 20+ years of experience with dogs, in a way in which I hope you can understand. Should you have further questions pertaining, please don't hesitate to ask. I am more than happy to discuss solutions pertaining your pet's overall joy and well being, because, you are the one who is seeking adequate care for your pet. 


Grooming here, at my salon, is a bonding experience. Grooming IS a bonding experience. It is a direct focus and placement of personalized attention, care and joy toward your pet, the animal in which brings you joy just as much. To approach grooming as a form of hassle or a place you feel your pet doesn't wish to go, is to disregard the bond you would want your pet to develop with your groomer, or anyone as a whole. Why? Wouldn't you like to work with someone on the same page as you?

I personally connect with each dog that connects here with me. It is why I do what I do and have dedicated my life to the study and knowledge of behavior in animals in combination to the art and creation I sculpt with fur. All dog's are welcome to come as they are. Furthermore, because of such, some dogs naturally will not be a fit here with me. Upon our initial consult grooming, you will be notified of how your pet responded. It is up to you to heed the information and take such suggestion for the overall well being of the dog and those your dog comes in contact with. For example, if you feel your pet is always anxious or nervous coming to a groomer, I encourage you, the pet owner, to question why that is and address where your pet may be more comfortable at; perhaps an animal trainer or perhaps a mobile groomer where your pet is more comfortable being groomed, at your home. My dog (and human) clients here enjoy coming and being here and this is what makes me most happy to provide you with what I feel I was gifted with, an unspoken connection with animals who see me as I do them.

 Starting 2022, Nina Taylor Pet Salon will operate as a fit/not a fit salon. What's this you ask? Simple. Clients are a fit or they are not a fit. Below, you will read as to whether your pet is a fit here or not, furthermore, why.  Please understand that should your pet not be a fit, this is merely a result of the environment in which your pet will be better suited elsewhere based on your pet's natural response in my environment. These pets are not "bad" or "wrong". Not all dogs respond the same as they do at your home vs. elsewhere. Educating you here, the pet owner, of what a grooming actually entails, is how I feel you will have more knowledge to discern what may be a fit for your pet's natural exuberance. Because, yes. You should care about the environment your pet frequents as well as how your pet (as well as yourself) spends their day and time. And you should care about how your pet responds to environments other than your own, especially if you have a pet that is going to require grooming for their entire life. Having a dog is a bond as much as it is grooming them. In order for me to bond with your pet, perform miraculous works of grooming art, requires a pet who enjoys such bond, receiving such affection and is often maintained with grooming at home or on a regular basis here with me. It requires us to work together- always.


Some dogs will do great their first few visits and "settle" into a more dominant position among the pack I frequent here, thus, resulting in not a fit. Some pet's may be a bit shy the first visit and settle into a more relaxed feel upon our connection, thus, a fit. Your pet's response here in my environment will be addressed to you- directly-as I enjoy communicating- to address concerns (if applicable) so we can find viable solutions. I care for the well being of your pet as I do myself and there is an atmosphere suitable for your pet, even if it's not with me here. 

Please hover above the "Fit/Not a Fit" Tab on the home menu for more tabs of information pertaining. 

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What's a fit?

*Dogs who are potty trained (this requires you, the pet owner to walk and potty your pet prior to their grooming appointment.) 

*Dogs who have been groomed frequently since young puppy age and are familiar with the grooming process.

*Initial excitement upon entering.

*Initial shyness upon entering.

*Dogs who enjoy 'going places'

*Dogs who are use to being pet and handled at home

*Dogs who are playful

*Dogs who know basic's such as "sit"