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About Nina

     Born in the charming city of Naperville Illinois, my love for animals started at just the wee age of 7. My mother, a master groomer/instructor herself, would seat me at the side table near her grooming chair. As she place a brush in my hand, she early on introduced me to the wonderful arts of grooming. {Sure, you could say grooming is in my blood :) } It is then, I realized I wanted to always be around these furry and loving creatures!

     By fourteen I was made a professional pet bather and by sixteen I was behind my very own table as a pet groomer. Eighteen years later, I have instructed grooming to students all over the midwest, ran, owned and operated several grooming establishments and I am still growing and learning as my passion for animals is as alive as it has ever been!  I have always, wholeheartedly, possessed a natural and adorning way with the animals I work with. Meeting people and their pet is a bone-a-fide hobby of mine!



    Over the course of my career, I have been lucky enough to work with amazing people and their pets! From vet clinics and store front locations to co-owning a mobile van grooming business, late 2006. My desire to provide top of the line services only increased as I made a staple for myself in the Chicago area. However, I was ready to step it up a notch. In the summer of '08, I packed my clippers and shears and headed north to the frisky winters of Reedsburg, Wisconsin. It is there I opened my own, small, quaint pet salon in the heart of downtown named Nina's Pet Salon. 


     After four wonderful years of pet styling success at Nina's Pet Salon, I announced to my clientele I'd be leaving. Many were saddened. Many were shocked. I was crossed with a double edged sword. I knew, however, to follow my dreams, the Suncoast was where I was destined to be. (At the end of the day, no matter how rough or wonderful, it's all about making dreams come true!)

     It took well over a year to make my move to Sarasota possible. I decided to sell my home and Nina's Pet Salon, pack my bags and head south. After careful planning and consideration, just two weeks after my daughter Marleigh was born, we arrived!


     Shortly after the move I bounced right on along to find a storefront. Because my love for pet care is so deeply engraved in my roots, I couldn't possibly go another week thinking of how to accommodate a growing, pet friendly community! Except this grooming salon wasn't going to be just any grooming salon.  I wanted to offer fur babies a place to roam free, a place where they are happy to arrive at. A clean environment just like home as well as a relaxed set-up that is completely pet friendly.


      I want to personally welcome you to our store! Where it's more than a business, it's a family. We encourage you and your furry to stop in, bring the kids (fuzzy or not) and take a look around! Welcome to my deepest passion in life, a place I am ever so proud of, an atmosphere of positive energy and compassion for animals...

                                                 ...Nina Taylor Pet Salon {and Spaw!}










Me (on the left) at 13 years old, posing in an article with my mom at her grooming business spotlight,

back in 1998!


Posing for a picture in our mobile grooming bus, Upscale Tails, circa 2006. We serviced Plainfield, IL. and surrounding.


Nina's Pet Salon in Reedsburg, Wi. started out in the basement of my home in 2008! 
I became quite busy and opened shop downtown!

(Pictured below- salon entrance of new downtown store.)


{Nina's "human" children}

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