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Congrats! I am excited to meet you and your pet and look forward to a potential relationship together. Please know, in best effort, not all pets are a fit here and your first grooming appointment will be considered like a consult grooming. In the best effort to keep my home clean, safe and fun to live in, this is just the way it is. Please review the following guest etiquette below. This will require some time of you but it's for the ultimate enjoyment of your pet and worth it. Thanks so much!


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What is a pet groomer? 

Please know, I have spent a substantial amount of time in explaining the commonalities across this site as I have, over twenty three years of doing this, dedicated my life to refining this industry to an art. This is all placed here to educate a pet owner on how grooming actually is, goes and has been. Each pet is as unique as we are. I welcome clients to educate themselves as much as I have in wanting to provide each unique one with a wonderful time spent. 


Some decisions have had to be implemented in order to accommodate clients here moving forward, however, decisions as well to save my overall quality of life in the long term. I'm not interested in working excessively to exhaustion, nor looking to house dogs with ailments that ultimately would be better suited elsewhere. Was this an easy come to? Depends on what day you ask. :) I am not a promoting animal behavioralist, nor a professional poop picker upper in addition too; many of the other requirements necessary just from performing a pet grooming service. I am a dog hair stylist. I am not looking to become a huge entity to accommodate more, either. I simply, am just one. One human. Looking to enjoy the time I have here because the time we spend and how we spend it is all that truly matters. So. In best effort to provide you and your pet with a great time, please review the following below that you may provide me with a great time as well. Win/Win. :)