Please. Walk your dog prior to their appointment. 

Poo and Pee. They're dogs, right? No telling when they might go. But there are signs.

And here, at my salon, there are dogs who understand that potty time is outside.

Small Terrier

Ensure your pet has peed and poo’d prior to their grooming appointment. Why? Because, I care. I care about your pet not having to hold it, I care about the environment of myself and other guests, and I care about my time utilized in the most efficient way possible. I am not interested in reinforcing or correcting such behaviors or saying "no", multiple times a day, across the day. This is not who I am as well as not how I live. I trust that when you come into my salon, my 'home' here, you have done your part as a pet owner, as you would not want bathroom time inside your home. 

Solutions to frequent poo's and pee's are provided below, however, I am a cage free facility, have been for years and know how a day of prior walked grooming dogs here looks and feels like. This is what makes my salon here enjoyable for those of who are a natural fit and what makes the experience a very pleasant one. Dogs that are not a fit; these dogs are not "bad." They are not "wrong".  They are not a fit - here. Ensuring what is a fit or not is to ensure my pet guests here are cared for in the highest regard- anything less will not be tolerated. 


"First time visitors. How can I help you here, Nina?"

If you have a fenced yard, let them roam it for a bit before you come in. There is an area on the salon side, arrive early enough to walk them before your appointment. Ensure they have gone. This helps me and all the clients here. Why? Because when one dog poo’s, other dogs are prone to stepping in it, including myself. Yes. I have stepped in poo. I have slipped and fallen from a pee. It makes my salon here stink. It's absurd, preventable and dogs with frequent indoor bathroom breaks are not a fit here. Please. Walk your pet. Make sure they go. It helps the facility stay clean. It helps other clients. It helps other dogs not ‘mark’ over other dogs. It helps me, a single human and provider do what I came here to do and focus my time on styling your pet and enjoying them. (Five poo’s is equivalent to about 30-45 minutes of my time- in total, bagging and sanitizing alone. My time will not be utilized this way here.) This etiquette is a blessing to those of us who will continue to use the salon as a place of clean, fun, enjoyment, because you know what you are walking into when you visit and it's clean. 

Please scan through the following below.

If you find something applicable to you, please read it to gain a better understanding of what is a fit here and how dogs may function outside the home.


"Ooops. Forgot to walk the dog."

Solution: Dogs who urinate massive pee or large poos were not walked. Suffice to say, if they were, there would be no massive pee or poo on the floor. Please understand how uncomfortable it may be for a dog to feel the need to hold it because they would know better than to not pee or poo on the floor, but because they had to go, they did and because they were not walked, they are no longer welcome here. Please consider scheduling your pets appointment around their typical walk time if needed so they are comfortable upon entering and walking your dog prior to their appointment. Again, I service many clients in a day. This is a multiple feat of endurance on each client, individually and a unified one. 

"My dog doesn't usually 'mark'."

Solution: If your dog is found marking during their first visit, I will place a dog diaper on your dog. This is a courtesy for all. Often, a diaper will help reinforce the dog to not urinate all over. Sometimes, the dog will work to get the diaper off. Sometimes, they don't mind. Each dog is different. These diapers are provided as a courtesy for the day's clientele. Please know, once this diaper is placed on, your dog will most likely still intend to mark around the salon, only it will now be in the diaper instead. When you come to pick up your dog, your dog may or may not have soaked the diaper. I would gather you came to have your dog cleaned and fresh, however, your dog that has soaked the diaper is now going home with you. I do not rewash dogs who have soaked diapers. This is here to show you, if your dog is a marking dog, a mobile groomer or elsewhere is a better fit. At a mobile groomer, dogs are worked on straight through the grooming process with little open option to piddle wherever, whenever. If you wish to have your dog experience socialization, a dog park or grooming facility with outdoor daycare may be a better fit. A cage free salon does not equate a "mark" fest. It is a free-open environment for non-marking dogs. 

"My dog only does poo's when he's nervous."

Solution: Dogs excessive or nervous poo’rs or pee’rs will be asked to utilize mobile grooming or seek elsewhere. Dogs on average are not inside bathroom dogs and if your dog happens to poo upon just coming to the salon, we are not a fit. I don't know all the reasons why your dog is nervous, but, I am not a facility that wishes to enable said behaviors or revisit them with repeat clientele. If you are concerned for your dogs nerves, contact an animal behaviorist. If you wish to have a less nervous dog on your outings, contact an animal trainer. Trainers are more suitable to address reasons and solutions as to why your dog may be responding the way they do particular to your unique situation. 


"My dog eats breakfast."

Solution: Feeding your dog breakfast before their grooming appointment may increase their chances of a poo and drinking water, increased chances for a pee. Consider skipping breakfast, pull the water and booking your appointment early, so that your pet has a late breakfast upon coming home and doesn't have a poo or pee here. Remember when your pet was netured/spayed? Same thing; no food or water-approx 8-12 hours prior to the groom and give a walk prior to their grooming appointment. 

"My dog is on a walked/poo schedule."

Solution: If your pet is use to being walked multiple times a day, please consider a mobile groomer. Dog are here for a minimum of three hours to a max of five. It's not all day. If your dog has gone prior to their appointment, they might be ready for a poo walk at pick up. I have client dogs who frequent me weekly/monthly that have never had a poo or pee on my floor. It's possible, more often than not, I've seen it, it's a fit here. 


"Could you walk my dog while he's there?"

Solution: Sorry, no. For safety reasons, largely. Additionally, my time is used for grooming and making your pet fresh, clean and happy. This is what you pay for, in addition to the environment and experience you, as well as your pet, receive. My time is best spent here, caring for all of us in this manner. I service many of you in a single day, efficiently. If you each walked your own pet and ensured they have gone, you each are helping each other. This is what I stand for, this is what makes the world a beautiful place to inhabit. Let me help you, by you helping yourself (and your dog) and others. And a HUGE thank you for doing so!


 I have bags for waste removal if needed for outside walks here as well. I am more than happy to dispose the picked up poo bag for you. And thank you for keeping the grounds and environment clean.