Appointment Times.
How they work- here. 

I call this work and yet I don't. What is work? To me, work is a piece of time. My time pieces should be an enjoyable way to share what we love to do with others, after all, it is what we spend most our time doing. 

This is why I do what I do, because I love it and when we love our working time piece, others do too! I value time so much, it's a large part of what I do. Time management. Priorities and values. 

We all have a right to enjoy what we do, don't we?  This is who I am. 


I service many clients in a given day. The sheer effort of managing an entire establishment, on my own, has had its wave of a ride in my life. "Why not just hire someone?" Well.  I didn't open with the intention to do so nor do I feel the need to take on "more" or grow larger.  I sort of grew as an individual here because of such. I acclimated and I am great here. And while I have had nice help here over the years, I'm at a place where I enjoy the responsibility of overseeing myself and the day and enjoy the days in which I can offer you a truly great service- with the ones I service and your own individual cooperation and life and place in your own pet's care and time. 

Below is a courtesy. And while it's a read, it's applicable in many ways, across the field of many perspectives. Because in a world that is so faced paced, here, in my world, I do not function this way. I do not rush, nor race around in life. Life, to me, is meant to be enjoyed, chilled, taken in and merely cherished.

I apply this in all areas of my life. 


Please arrive to your appointment on time or a bit early. Late appointments will not be honored; 15 minutes late is considered late. If you are anticipating being 15.01 minutes late, I will need to reschedule your appointment. If you are going to be later than that, please, communicate that to me with a text message. I have many clients wait weeks to get in - who show up. I schedule many appointments to effectively and efficiently work my day to accommodate all. If you are late, the entire schedule for everyone is effected. Everyone. This is an applicable process of time management which I have personally done here at the salon to ensure you are satisfied with your service. Please, honor me the same by managing your own time and day. If you know you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please notify me and we can reschedule you for another day. I would be happy to reschedule you instead of you feeling rushed. 

***If you have a hair appointment, car repairs, doctors appointments, nail appointments, etc; in addition to your pets grooming, please work your schedule efficiently to accommodate all your errands in line with your dog’s haircut. I have set pick up times because my time is balanced and not limited to; responding texts, washing and grooming pets, checking in and consulting, checking out and payments. You made an appointment- I am not walk-in available. I time this all efficiently to make myself available to you, my focus on you and your pet, across the many clients serviced in one day. Because, you are special to me. I cannot, cannot, accommodate everyones individual, personal days plan when you walk in at your appointment with your to-do list; nor am I a doggy daycare while you run errands. If you find my schedule does not work with yours for one day, every 2-6 weeks, perhaps we are not a working fit. We all have schedules. I service many clients who understand this. Please consider your day and plans prior to booking because I have done the same to accommodate you and your pet.


Pick up times are as follows:

If your appointment is  8:30am or 9am, your pick up time is between 12pm-1pm.

If your appointment is 9am, 9:30 or 10am, your pick up time is between 1pm-2pm

If your appointment is 11am for drop off, your pick up time is 2pm-3pm. 

I do not take appointments past 11am.  

I am open Tuesday's and Thursday's and close at 3pm. 

This is here to help you anticipate how long your pet will be here with me so you may go about and plan your day. I require a minimum of three hours with your pet up to a maximum of five. Depending on the day, you may be notified your pet is ready earlier than anticipated. No rush. Your pick up time, above, is the recommended time to pick up. I am diligent on notifying clients when dogs are upon ready or are ready as a courtesy of your time. Please respond to me with an estimated pick up time or notification of received message so I may anticipate your arrival. 

At this time, I am not a doggy daycare. Your pet's appointment is scheduled around others in a way that works best for me, because this ultimately works best for you in having an appointment and recieving an enjoyable experience. Please allow me to do what I do best.  

The salon closes at 3pm unless otherwise specified. I have children and plans outside of this salon that I must tend to at days end to ensure others in my life are not affected by my own time management as well. When you do not pick up your pet by 3pm, you are affecting more people than you may have recognized. It matters when you show up, please, show up and communicate.