Unaltered dogs

For the care and cleanliness of the salon, all dogs who visit must be spayed or neutered. This is in conjunction to puppies who must be over a year of age here. 


*Unaltered male dogs: Whether they urinate in your home or not, a un-altered male dog is generally a marking dog, especially if it is a place where other dogs have been. It's generally a dominance and hormonal response and is not tolerated here at my salon or among other guests here. Marking dogs will sniff and mark on just about anything resulting in my time spent on redirecting the behavior and cleaning in care of other guests. Please understand my time is best spent pampering and grooming and the pets who enjoy this service deserve such focused time. 

* Unaltered male dogs: Humping is not a fit here. 

Dogs who are neutered and mark will be asked to find a different facilityOften, it's a result of a behavioral concern, not hormonal. Training recommended or a change of environment such as a mobile


*Unaltered female dogs: Female dogs who have hormonal cycles can create an overwhelming amount of attention from other dogs such as sniffing and humping, as well as leak fluids. For the cleanliness and safety of your dog and others, female dogs must be spayed.