'Destructive' of Property

The word 'destructive' is tough. There is really no easy way to say "your pet chewed up a blanket" or "your pet pee'd on the wall" in a way in which doesn't make you or I feel bad. My property is damaged and the dog is the culprit. Of course, you wouldn't like that done to you and thus you now feel bad too. That's the reality and it's unfortunate. Though, I forgive and understand all dogs are different and would further recommend addressing such concerns to you with viable solutions. I care more about why your pet feels the need to do said behaviors and such behaviors will be addressed to you. Often, I have heard pets can chew up a squeaker at their own home, yet, while here, never do. I do have squeakers and tennis balls out for pet's enjoyment. And pet's enjoy them.

 Again, every dog responds differently in different environments. 


Dog's generally are not 'destructive'. However, signs of such here, the dog is not a fit. If this is common, contacting a trainer to address why excessive chewing, scratching at furniture or urinating occurs if this is ongoing for your pet.