Indoor/Marking Potty Dogs

Dogs, as we know, are usually trained to potty outside. In congruence with unaltered dogs, puppies under a year of age and nervous dog segments of those not a fit, includes elements of bathroom time, indoors. Of those just listed, indoor bathroom happenings- happen far too often and are not a fit for the crate free salon, here which is a large part in why. Why not just crate the pet? Because, my salon is crate-free!


 How can we really ever know when a dog has to go? We ultimately cannot, however, among several pet clients here at the salon a day, solutions to said bathroom "oopsies" are and can be prevented. Dogs generally don't go on my floor here, most often than not, it's because they weren't walked prior to their appointment and large amounts of urine or feces is the result of what should be on your time with a bathroom walk, instead its now on mine and the cleanliness and sanitary walk through of myself and all other pet guests here. 


Pet's who are on a walked and timed schedule, nervous bathroom dogs, pad trained, and etc; finding a facility that crates the pet for their grooming or a mobile groomer coming to your home to minimize indoor potty "oopsies" are viable options for your pet. Pet's that are generally crated will not potty in their own space. Sometimes, they do. All dogs are different. 


I am a crate free environment for those that know potty time is outside.

Frequent indoor bathroom happenings are not a fit for a crate free facility, which I am.


For more information and further detail regarding walking dogs for potty time, and the importance of such