Senior Pets

In making such changes across the salon, this one personally was a difficult decision. My heart has always been with senior pets. There is an essence of such sweetness in the eye of an older animal. They have lived their life, provided so much comfort for us humans and simply enjoy being comfortable with naps, some pets and a meal. 

What's considered a senior pet, here? Instead of addressing each senior dog merely due to their age, generally 10 and older I consider a senior dog, however, some 10 year old senior dogs have yet, much life to offer us as a young puppy would. Sometimes, almost more so, the resistance of a grooming a senior dog can embody more energy in resistance to as when they were younger and willing. 


Senior dogs generally come to a place in their life where standing, walking, coherence of surroundings and bodily functions are affecting the dog during their traditional grooming appointment making the process difficult and unsafe for myself and the pet as well as other pet guests. Quick jerks, tired extremities, standing for average times on a grooming table which is now a bit much for a dog in this condition are just a few key signs the pet is struggling with a traditional and enjoyable grooming session. Loss of eyesight, hearing and sore joints can cause confusion for the pet when out of their own home element. 


 There have been dogs I have seen live out the rest of their life here with me-for years- and my heart is absolutely connected in sentiment when these dogs enter through the gates of the rainbow bridge were we all will meet again, one day. Dogs are very much a part of my life and ones I get to enjoy knowing, spending my time with and seeing on a regular basis. 

For the care and concern of senior dogs that are tender, (because they are), a veterinarian clinic that offers grooming is what I recommended. The onsight care of a vet close by, in my previous experience, is essential when having a groomer work with a pet who is clearly content with the way they look, but does need a cleaning for health purposes. Sometimes, a nail trim, eye hair trim and sanitary cleaning will be all that is needed to keep your pet hygienically content and comfortable for the remaining time they are here on Earth and that is perfectly ok and acceptable for the comfort of the animal in such a place. 

In addition to, larger dogs as well as smaller all pose additional stress within the grooming process when they are at a place of

un-cooperation for handling due to their age and health. It is a by-product of their age, health and is understood here, by me, I do not force through grooming a dog to 'get the job done'. If the dog poses such response here, you will be simply notified. I am always happy to apply what I can hygienically with what the dog is willing to acceptably tolerate. 

Understand, if and when your senior pet comes to a place such as this, here, I will address this with you for the safety of us all. Senior pets who cannot walk on floors or slide to a fall consistently,  require intermediate time to rest,  need assistance being held up, bite or snap for grooming (due to their loss of coherence and surroundings), urinate or fecal due to loss of functioning organs, or expose health concerns that affect mobility and health such as skin conditions, blindness or deafness that affect care, are not a fit here. A dog in such conditions require veterinarian oversight.

This is absolute for the safety of the individual pet as well as myself and other guests.


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