Making Funny Face
Philosophy; it's bark worthy!

I opened Nina Taylor Pet Salon in 2013 with the anticipation and desire to accommodate clients on an exclusive basis. Meaning, pets’ would have a place to feel at home, receive the love and comfort in which I enjoy giving and a grooming in focus to their own unique hair styling needs. Grooming is an art. I work with and sculpt hair with sharp scissors and clipper blades on wiggling, sometimes nippy, sometimes uncooperative- live animals. As for a bath, I use warm water from a nozzle and a powerful, specialized force dryer to dry hair-around eyes, noses and other sensitive parts of a -live animal’s body. If we can imagine here for a moment what it would entail to have another human wash, blow dry and scissor trim your whole body, we could see how this could potentially feel for our animal friends. :) How the one approaching us, we would only hope, would very well, treat the process with such care. Each animal is treated as such, here. With this approach, I have found pet’s to respond in a very calm, receptive and trusting way. Each pet, unique. Each pet, accommodated. It is how I work here. It is how I have always worked.