Cute Puppy

Puppy. The cutest of creatures. 

     As of 2022, Nina Taylor Pet Salon will service puppy's over one year of age and older. This was a necessary decision among the health and wellness of guests who visit the salon, as well as the need for puppy's own development and training, with you, the pet owner. Suffice to say, although the salon will no longer service puppies under one year, this page here was created to inform you of some insights into the world of what puppy experiences and how you, the pet owner can make grooming an enjoyable experience for when puppy is a year old + and visits here. It is for the love of dogs that this information is placed here. 


     Grooming puppy at home is a bonding experience. Grooming here, at my salon, is a bonding experience. To approach grooming as some form of hassle or a place you feel your pet doesn't wish to go, is to disregard the bond you would want your pet to develop with your groomer. Why? Wouldn't you like to work with someone on the same page as you? I personally connect with each dog that connects here with me. It is why I do what I do and have dedicated my life to the study and knowledge of behavior in animals in combination to the creations I sculpt with fur. If you feel your pet is always anxious or nervous coming to a groomer, I encourage you, the pet owner, to address why that is and address where your pet may be more comfortable.  My clients here enjoy here! To reenforce your pet's previous nervousness is to assume I am a trainer that accompanies such specializations. I am not.  And while the knowledge of such is within me, it is utilized to best service you for your own individual family's pet. I am a groomer, pet stylist, and I simply enjoy pampering dogs!

     An initial first visit for a puppy can be one of uncertainty, yes, though it is through the connecting and attention, both welcoming and acceptance of you the pet owner, and I, that we wish to have your pet feel at home and comfortable. Puppy's who learn to enjoy their grooming, from you at home, is extended here at my home as well. It starts with you! The direct attention and care you give puppy, yourself, during these growth stages is a very rewarding one and a life-long lasting one. It shows remarkably to all humans who come in contact with your puppy and it is a stark contrast to dogs who no longer are a fit here; dogs who I cannot connect with, get physically close to, or simply struggle to just pet/touch are a few examples. Our aim here is to work together-however, early.

      It is not a groomer's position to train your puppy for grooming, it is a collaborative one. You work with your puppy at home. I work with you and your puppy, here. One visit at the grooming salon every 6-8 weeks is not always consistent enough to instill necessary training for frequent visits. It is you, the pet owner, to research what is necessary, to hire on those who can help and to work with your puppy diligently until such training has been implemented. If your puppy does not sit still for you to brush at home, more than likely they won't for me here either. And as one who has worked with thousands of puppies, my focus and time is spent on the art and style of what grooming is and on the dogs that receive the reward from such direct care and attention- not on a training puppy to sit still session. Grooming is the care of cleaning and styling your pet's fur. And for you to receive a style on your puppy you desire, a puppy would come to a groomer trained and prepared for the handling required for me to do so.  

     It is a great action to start puppy young with grooming- absolutely! However, the sheer reality of what that may entail for a puppy's pet owner, leaves the puppy and owner seeking around for the needed information of such that a puppy requires. A puppy's first grooming is an adventure. With sounds and water and touching of puppy's extremities. Consider a puppy's first time being groomed with no previous of such done at home prior, and yes, the experience can be a very timely one of introduction and care-puppy is growing and not always accustom to what a grooming at a facility entails! So. Where do we start? There is a multitude of information available to you through outlets such as Google and word of mouth. However, if you are considering investing your time here, at my salon, please don't hesitate to ask questions, here as well as read here. What I have here works. The clients your pet will mingle with here, upon your puppy's acceptance, will boost your pets enjoyment. Your pet will receive direct focus and attention from me. The dogs here are a "pack" and it is a wonderful environment to spend time in. It's a place I personally want to be and where pet's who fit, do too. 

Problems & Solutions

Cute Puppy

"I brush my dog."

Brushing your puppy is a life long start to the necessary requirements a puppy with fur is going to require. However, brushing your pet is a two step process. A slicker brush and steel tooth comb are your best options. Click here for recommended tools. 

"My puppy is matted. But, I brushed!"

Please utilize the "Brushing" tab for more information and video on how to brush your pet. Once your pet is matted, I will shave your pets fur, or you may spend the time necessary to brush and thoroughly comb out your pets matts so I may groom your pet. A word of love, I will not brush out a matted dog.

It is timely, can be painful and is preventable. A new coat of growth can start once the matts are shaved and I am happy to create a schedule of grooming so this does not occur again. A month or two of short hair is worth the fresh start. If you don't wish to have your pet short, please brush or visit a groomer more often. Certain breeds will require less brushing than others. Hopefully you researched the breed and are prepared for the time necessary to prevent matting. 

"My puppy won't sit still for me to brush."

Please consider a dog trainer. Specifically address you are aiming to learn how to brush your pet because your pet won't sit still for you. Depending on the trainer, you will learn how to give voice commands and other methods a trainer can teach you. This will help puppy get used to the feel of a brush, sitting still, and handling. This may also help you in other ailments you may have concern of. 

"I want my puppy to look like this picture!"

Pictures are a great way to show your groomer what style you like. However,  to want a dog to look exactly like a picture is not always realistic. I naturally groom pet's in a likeliness of a style with their personality, what is possible given the coat and by how often you are coming in for visits. Many styles and options are available with grooming and hair grows back. Communicating what you like and don't like helps me to ask the questions I need to assist you in the best possible way. Please consider what that is prior to arriving. 

"My puppy doesn't socialize enough." 

A grooming facility is not always the best place for puppy to receive socialization. My salon here is cage free to resemble a home like atmosphere among the pack that enjoys such. Some facilities have more than 30 dogs, some utilize cages. If you wish for your pet to socialize, please consider a facility that specializes in such. Yes, your pet will get socialization here, however, the atmosphere between my home and a facility of say, daycare,  is different.

It is through my own animal behavior/training learning and knowledge in working with thousands-thousands of dogs that I have been able to cultivate such environment here. It is also through such, I wish to share the common "problems" with viable solutions. Below are common asked questions and comments I have heard over the course of my career. This is placed here for you to take into consideration the time a puppy does require, however, to notice that the reward of such is a lasting one. For more information on how to brush your pet, please utilize the "Brushing" tab on the home bar above.