Puppy Handling

To help you understand what a groomer works with, upon multiple pets in a day, is to do your part as a pet owner. If we have five puppies to be groomed in one day, with no pet owner training done at home, most a groomers time is spent training your pet through the grooming process. While a bit of training does go into an introduction to grooming overall, a groomer is not the sole contributor to adjusting your pet to being handled. The part you play at home not only helps your pet and your groomer, but helps you overall. Below are key actions you can take to teach your puppy handling, minimize resistance to touch and introduce sounds. They are recommendations for you, to help you and your puppy. This here also gives you some insight as to what and how a groomer grooms a puppy completely new to such process. Working together here will cultivate a great fit for grooming their whole life. If you find you are not capable of incorporating such at home, I encourage you to seek a trainer who can more in depth train you and puppy to work together. I have worked with thousands of puppy's and resistant to touch dogs and all but one dog in my entire career have had a 'turn around.' Starting young is the best method to ensure the grooming experience is a pleasant one. 

Grooming puppy can be a fun and enjoyable experience for you at home! And no two puppies are alike, however, the commonalties with remedy here are shared. I share this information for the love and attention of a puppy and their needs upon a world of human contact. Whether we cultivate a relationship moving forward or not, I hope to see this information be of use for you, your puppy and any person who comes into contact with your puppy. It is for the benefit of all that this was created.